17 Jun 2019 Issue 5

Pioneer studies on opinion mining and sentiment analysis

Opinion mining and sentiment analysis    Opinion mining and sentiment analysis, a practical application of natural language processing (NLP), has attracted atte....more

System for automatic ICD-10 classification from free-text medical data

   Our study aimed to construct a system for ICD-10 coding systems produced by supervised machine learning techniques to categorize automatically free-text medical d....more

Artificial, augmented, and human intelligence for medical image analysis for our health

We all aspire to be healthy. Can artificial intelligence (AI) help us in our quest?    Thanks to ubiquitously available datasets, fast-growing computing power, ....more

AttriRank: the state-of-the-art model for unsupervised ranking

   Node ranking in a graph is an important technique underlying many real-world applications. Take web search for example. This task is essential for returning impor....more

Deep learning for malicious encrypted traffic detection

   The use of encrypted traffic on the Internet has become increasingly popular in recent years. Google and the Mozilla Foundation have released statistical data ind....more

Can a machine learn human language without human teaching by means of a generative adversarial network?

   Human infants acquire language with little formal teaching, but machines need large amounts of annotated data, which makes the development of natural language pro....more

Dependency structure matrix genetic algorithm II

Introduction      In 2015, we proposed the dependency structure matrix genetic algorithm II (DSMGA-II) [1], which is currently a state-of-the-art discrete gen....more

IdenNet:Facial Action Unit Detection Using Identity Normalization

   Facial action unit (AU) detection is an important task that enables emotion recognition from facial movements. Figure 1 shows a few AU examples that illustrate th....more

Video summarization through action localization on a social robot

Using a robot to help family members look after seniors living alone      With a large portion of Taiwan’s population becoming aged, Dr. Yang aims to in....more

Designing for complex creative task solving

   Solving creative problems such as those pertaining to writing or design is challenging because such problems are open-ended and require people to spend much time ....more

An AI Discussion with an AI Pioneer in Taiwan

The Interview:Dr. Li-Chen Fu      Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most important topics among both industries and individuals. The main q....more

Going to court:The transformation of judicial consciousness in Taiwan under Japanese rule

   With the advent of the influence of Western powers in East Asia, Taiwan encountered its first exposure to law derived from the modern West (hereafter “moder....more

Cross-sector partnerships in community governance at the district level:A case study of the welfare and healthcare service promotion campaign in Beitou District, Taipei

   This study examines the welfare and healthcare service promotion campaign in Beitou District, Taipei, focusing on participatory networks and cross-sector partnerships ....more

Searching for the welfare state

   As a fundamental constitutional principle, the welfare state (Sozialstaat) principle pursues the ideal of social justice, which implies the fulfillment of substan....more

In the name of Yushan: a new beetle found in the National Taiwan University (NTU) Experimental Forest

New dung beetle species closely related to Russian beetle reveals complicated components of Taiwanese insect fauna      A new species of dung beetle was the f....more

Reciprocal cross-regulation of VND and SND multigene TF families for wood formation in Populus trichocarpa

   Secondary cell wall (SCW) biosynthesis is the biological process that generates wood, an important renewable feedstock for materials and energy. NAC domain transc....more

Why ribosomes shift gears

Unveiled by measuring one molecule at a time    Translation is the biological reaction of protein synthesis in all living cells. The ribosome, the enzyme in cha....more

Overfishing induces aggregation of fishes through altering life history traits

   Even distribution in diverse habitats can reduce the risk of extinction for a species. Understanding how a species is spatially distributed, including heterogenei....more

Internal tides recorded on the ocean bottom off the coast of Southeast Taiwan

   Internal tides are baroclinic wave trains generated at tidal intervals by barotropic tidal currents when they flow over steep ocean-bottom topography [e.g., Wunsc....more

Correlation of seismic behavior with crustal deformation and rheology in the Taiwan orogen

   Every year, over 10,000 earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 4 are recorded worldwide, and more than 200 of them strike the Taiwan region. As might be expecte....more

Fast band structure computation using a new and efficient hHybrid method

   Imagine you are an Uber driver and happen to pick up a material scientist or a physicist. What would be the first question you asked her/him? I could give the rea....more

Contribution of the thermal Hall effect to the anomalous Nernst and spin Seebeck effects

   Heat dissipation has been the most formidable challenge in information technology due to the continued increase in power dissipation, and it has hampered the deve....more

A paper-based test for tuberculosis diagnosis in developing countries

Scientists from Taiwan have developed a “paper” test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection    Early diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) allows pati....more

Waste cold recovery using thermoelectric power generator

Recovery of wasted cold energy by TEG      The worldwide energy crisis has made people realize the importance of the waste energy recovery, and waste heat rec....more

Which nature is legitimate?

Riverfront redevelopment and urban agriculture    With the popularization of environmentalism, a resurgence of urban agriculture has been observed in Taiwan in ....more

Probing the photovoltaic properties of silver-doped Cu(In, Ga)Se2 films by a nonvacuum solution process

   The ever-increasing demand for energy resources and sustainable development has promoted the growth of thin-film photovoltaic technology. Cu(In, Ga)Se2 (CIGS) sol....more

Different classes of statins have varying effects on reducing sepsis mortality

   Sepsis, a pathogen-induced systemic inflammation that leads to organ dysfunction, remains a major public health problem. Each year, an estimated 20 to 30 million ....more

A genome-wide methylation study of coronary artery ectasia

   Approximately 38 million people die from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) globally per year (Global status report on noncommunicable diseases 2014: Attaining the n....more

Parental habits of betel quids chewing are dose-dependently associated with a risk of metabolic syndrome in offspring

   Betel chewing, a socially important custom, is an addictive habit recognized as causing oropharyngeal and other cancers. Chewers of the chopped nuts of the Areca ....more

Pre-market trading and IPO prices

   Underpricing is a known issue associated with initial public offerings (IPOs) throughout the world. This phenomenon has been observed in Taiwan. Traditionally, in....more