25 Dec 2017 Issue 3

Bio-inspired metal-N4 macrocyclic compounds for next-generation fuel-cell electrocatalysts

Corrine- and corrole-based promising nonprecious metal electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs)    For....more

Increased electricity storage and faster delivery

Electrochemical electrode material with combined supercapacitor and battery behaviors    The advancements of mobile electronic devices have increased the demand ....more

Post lithium-ion batteries: lithium-sulfur batteries

Probing the discharge and charge mechanism of lithium-sulfur batteries    The ever-rising demand for portable power sources has prompted a renewed interest in nex....more

Localized surface plasmon-induced change in a reaction pathway

In situ monitoring of the light-induced suppression of hydrogen peroxide formation    The oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline electrolytes is critical for devel....more

Energy-efficient lighting: less is more

Solution-processed transparent blue organic light-emitting diodes with CVD-grown graphene as the electrodes    According to a report by the International Energy A....more

Phononics and thermoelectric materials

A better understanding of the quantum nature of heat will advance energy research    Phonons are the quantum mechanical description of vibrations. Similar to elec....more

Toward low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells by solution processing

   Global warming has led to ice in the Arctic and Antarctic to melt at an unprecedented rapid rate, and the excess water has caused many severe natural disasters wo....more

Investigating organic photovoltaics by innovative optical spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopy reveals insightful physical happenings in photovoltaics    The fundamental processes underlying organic photovoltaic devices involve the fo....more

2D materials: ‘holy grail’ for photocatalytic CO2 reduction into solar fuels

Artificial photosynthesis: a ‘killing two birds with one stone’ approach for tackling energy and environmental challenges    A research group led by L....more

Theoreticians provide what cannot be directly seen in experiments

Reaction pathways and intermediate products in CO oxidation and CO2 reduction    The realization of a carbon-neutral energy cycle is one of the most imminent issu....more

Exploring materials for energy

Interview:Dr. Li-Chyong Chen    The use of conventional fossil fuels has cast the landscape of convenient modern life. The accompanied carbon emission and related p....more

Self-touching illusion and bodily self-consciousness

   Walking into a coffee shop, I quickly get a cappuccino and take a sip to enjoy the taste and aroma. Two fundamental types of bodily self-consciousness are involve....more

Centers and peripheries in ancient China

   In the ancient world, what constitutes a center? How are political, cultural, economic and ritual centers and their associated landscapes interrelated? How should....more

East Asian Confucianisms: Texts in contexts

   This volume tells the story of the importance of Confucian traditions and why and how Confucian texts were reinterpreted within different ambiances and contexts a....more

Plant hormone jasmonate-isoleucine (ja-ile) biosynthesis may be regulated by far-red light signaling based on the fin219-fip1 protein complex

   Light influences plant growth and development. Far-red light and red light can synergistically affect seed germination and photomorphogenesis through the phytochr....more

Micrornas modulate circadian clock genes to enhance zebrafish cold tolerance

   Professor Shyh-Jye Lee of the Department of Life Science, who also serves as the director of the Research Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medici....more

Mapping the retinal input to the clock in the brain at single-cell resolution

   All mammals have a circadian clock system in the brain, called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), that modulates many physiological functions throughout the day a....more

Emerging threat of avian coronavirus variants and novel countermeasures

   Coronaviruses include some pathogens that are fatal to humans and animals, such as severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome ....more

Chemical analysis reveals the hidden secrets of Stradivari violins

NTU researchers identified unique properties in the wood of famous antique instruments    The secrets of Stradivari violins are one of the most enduring mysteries....more

Why does the interface of insulating oxides become conductive?

   The ability to engineer electrical properties at semiconductor interfaces has facilitated the modern success of electronic technologies and is based on the concep....more

Facile self-assembly of metallo-supramolecular ring-in-ring and spider web structures using multivalent terpyridine ligands

   A research team led by Professor Yi-Tsu Chan in the Department of Chemistry at National Taiwan University aims to develop facile approaches to the assembly of pre....more

Mechanically interlocked daisy-chain-like structures as multidimensional molecular muscles

   Daisy chains are garlands of flowers often worn as bracelets or necklaces (Figure 1). Because of their beautiful structures and possibly muscle-like motions, cycl....more

Spatially resolved imaging of photocarrier generation and band alignment at the perovskite/PbI2 heterointerfaces of perovskite solar cells by using light-modulated scanning tunneling microscopy

   Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials have recently shown remarkable power conversion efficiencies of up to 20% in photovoltaic applications. The inherent....more

A novel porphyrin-containing polyimide for memory devices

   Since the first polymer-based electronic memory device was reported by Sliva et al., in 1970, these devices have attracted significant attention. Polymer-based el....more

Silicon carbide micro-ring all-optical processor

   Silicon (Si) photonics are able to overcome the transmission degradation induced by the limited RC time constraint in electronic integrated circuits via electro-o....more

Hepatitis C viral infection increases the risk of lymphoid neoplasms

   Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a global health problem, with an estimated 185 million chronic hepatitis C patients worldwide and approximately 0.7 m....more

Real-time in vivo 3D fluorescence sectioning microscopy

   Wide-field fluorescence microscopy is an imaging technique commonly used by researchers and clinicians for investigating rapid biological events occurring in live....more

Statins and the risk of pancreatic cancer in diabetic patients

   Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Only approximately 15% to 20% of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed ear....more

Mediating analysis of the relationship between obesity and childhood asthma

   Obesity and asthma are two significant public health problems with increasing prevalence during childhood. Prospective studies have suggested that obesity precede....more

The effects of pay-for-performance programs for diabetes care in Taiwan

   Along with the economic growth and innovation in medicine, the increase in the number of patients with chronic conditions and multiple chronic conditions (MCCs) h....more

Risk of hepatitis B virus-induced hepatocellular carcinoma: the influence of the progressive accumulation of viral mutations during chronic infection

NTU long-term follow-up study used viral whole-genome sequencing to identify a temporal mutation profile that can indicate which patients with HBV will develop HCC   ....more